Archives are your institutional memory, representing your history and culture. They are a resource for inspiration, innovation, and identity. Archivist Connection provides archival consulting and archives management to develop an archives from the ground up and manage the day-to-day operations from acquisition to dissemination.

♦ Leverage your history and the value of your historical assets ♦
♦ Preserve your legacy ♦ Activate your heritage ♦
♦ Transform your “special stuff” accumulated through the decades into a cohesive and functional archives ♦

Archivist Connection supports research and storytelling with archival research and visuals.

  • Provides research services and facilitates the use of historical records and information
  • Creates tools to document and explore
  • Shares and presents the stories within the archives to a variety of audiences

Archivist Connection manages collections and creates digital tools from acquiring assets to creating metadata.

  • Selects, processes, organizes, describes, catalogs, preserves, and digitizes historical materials so that they are easy to find and use
  • Provides intellectual control over the collections and improves their physical storage
  • Assesses needs and automates processes including digital asset management (DAM), metadata, and controlled vocabularies
  • Works between vendors and end users to develop a tool that is most useful

Archivist Connection establishes policies and procedures to create an archives and guide its ongoing growth.

  • Sets the scope and vision for the archives
  • Creates policies and standards for collection and access
  • Has proven experience and in-depth knowledge of archival principles, standards, and practices