Past, Present, Future

Archive collections connect the past to the present, showing where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Guinness archives: living breathing history that is integral part of the future evolution of the brand #ICASBA2016

“We are committed to our past, not because we are nostalgic, but because we are progressive and our story is progressive ” @JudeKellySBC at ArchivesUnlocked 3/29/2017

“Making History, Creating the Future” CIPLA

“It’s my job to help keep open that link between the past, present and future.” John Lewis Partnership

“As we look ahead to the future, we are motivated by the accomplishments of our first 40 years.” Genentech

Joan Auld Lecture given by Jacob Halvas Bjerre ‘Will the present have a future?’ #BACS2016

“Our Past Predicts Our Future Will Make History” Genentech 40th tagline

“SLAC makes history everyday”

“the key is not only reconnecting with the past, but knowing how to use it effectively to meet the future needs of consumers” Addidas

With the past in our hearts, the future in our eyes, we give you the present. Season’s Greetings from Wellesley

“History is always about the future.” Wells Fargo

“By seeing how we’ve changed we can better adapt to the future” People of a Feather

“It’s not just keeping. It’s also culling. A large part of archiving is choosing the knowledge to destroy. This is huge. We should revere these people, house them in temples, bathe them in frankincense, for they are the seed-keepers of the future.” Elizabeth Farrelly

Our history is about the future. Ericsson at History Marketing seminar

Historian är din språngbräda framåt
Your history is your leverage for going forward
History is your stepping stone for your future
Anders Sjöman at History Marketing seminar

Arkiven är nyckeln till historien som förklarar din samtid. Jönköpings läns Arkivförbund

Unlock the Future. Write history. Roche banner on LinkedIn

“The archive of course plays a significant role in discovering, managing and sharing the company’s past, but it’s also used as a navigational tool in charting the company’s future.” Studio Visit: The Herman Miller Archives

“Studying history is the ultimate passport to the future” Anna Whitelock

“History is more than simply looking backwards and studying the past – it is also about critically engaging with the present and the future. It is about individuals, families, nations and the global community.” Anna Whitelock

Past paves way for the future. Strong legacy, stronger future @UshaIyer17 @CiplaArchives so proud Prutha

Preserve the past, define the future ICA SBA Mumbai

“There is a certain control you have as an archivist, and a certain control archives have on the past. The archivist decides what the future will remember.” @VrundaPathare

No matter how you call it: #WorldHeritageDay or #InternationalDayForMonumentsandSites, let us remind ourselves today that “#Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations”. #Unite4Heritage #heritage4generations #ICOMOS UNESCO Switzerland

Remembering our past, planting seeds for our future. Wellesley Ethos 50th

When brought to life in a modern context, heritage can build reputation and link past innovations to today, building trust in our ability to lead in the future. Mark Truby, vice president of communications at Ford, about hiring Ted Ryan

In challenging time, Harley leans on its history as guide to future / Execs stress company DNA in addressing industry changes BizTimes Media Milwaukee

Insight to our past gives us foresight to the future of how we can bring historical distinction to life and give relevancy to new ideas for the marketplace. CM Bishop III, Pendleton Woolen Mills

Our Archives is the keeper of our treasured history. It is a constant source of design and marketing inspiration, it embodies our corporate culture, enabling us to remain who we are yet step forward with exciting innovations. CM Bishop III, Pendleton Woolen Mills

A history of creating what’s next. Wells Fargo History

Thus we may have knowledge of the past but cannot control it; we may control the future but have no knowledge of it. Claude Elwood Shannon

Evidence from the Past, Beacon for the Future National Archives of Japan 50th anniversary catch phrase アーカイブズは過去の事象の証、未来を導く灯火

Archives are surprisingly not just about the past but they are your future memory! Vrunda Pathare

We realized that the archives are not just custodians of the past but the torch bearers for a bright future! Godrej Archives

An archive enables every individual and institution to revisit the past , make sense of the present, and have a sight of the future. Godrej Archives

At an archive, we don’t just conserve objects and records but an organizational memory — stories of both successes and failures, all of which pave the way for future generations.” Godrej Archives

Archives educate employees not just about the organization’s history but also about its values and culture, from which we can draw strength and inspiration for marching ahead into the future!” Godrej Archives

An archive helps us collect, investigate, preserve, analyze and interpret information from past to present that equips us to shape the future. Godrej Archives

You have to accommodate your pasts within your persona — it helps you reflect on what you are now. David Bowie